The United Way, the NFL and You!

As a lover of football, especially my Seattle Seahawks, I have always known of the NFL’s partnership with the United Way but never have I looked into it.

The NFL and every other professional sports league is always looking for ways to humanize their players. By doing this they are opening up their fan base while also ensuring they have positive community connections as a means to keep players out of trouble’s way. This isn’t a hard and fast rule and I don’t mean to paint it in this light as a way to disparage the partnership of these two venerable institutions. I love both the NFL and the United Way and I love that they work together for a common goal–or touchdown.

So, why does this partnership matter? Each week millions upon millions of Americans tune in for the National Football League. The most recent figures I could find are from last year, which show 64% of the adult population claim to watch the NFL each week. This percentage has surely risen in the last year as more and more women are beginning to enjoy the sport.

The United Way has created a positive atmosphere where professional athletes inspire adults and children alike to volunteer in their communities. Whether it be through their campaigns “Play 60” and “Hometown Huddle” or through their PSA’s and commercial spots, the United Way has increased awareness and made it cool to join in.

So, are you in?


If you are interested in signing up for a local service project or any future information on the NFL’s relationship with the United Way please visit their website.

And don’t forget to Live United

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